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White Wine – What is White Wine

White wines are one of the most exotic varieties of wine available. They are not at all white in color rather they have a yellowish or somewhat golden color. Non colored grapes are used for preparing this kind of wine. If the red skinned grapes are used then extra care is taken to ensure that the pigment is not extracted from the skin, thus retaining the yellowish color for this wine.

They have been popular since the ancient times as you must have heard of the old tagline known as “white wine with white meat”. This saying gained prominence owing to the fact that this type of wine is generally consumed along with light meals. They are coupled with snacks as they are extremely refreshing and lighter in taste as well.

White Wine

White Wine

Champagne is the most famous white wine and is prepared form black grapes. When white wine is prepared from black grapes, only the juice is taken for preparation. The skin of black grapes contain the anthocyanin pigment which would lead to coloration, this is the reason champagne is prepared using the juices of black grapes only.

Even the tannin content is reduced in white wine, although one can increase the tannin content as it helps you in feeling the firmness after you gulp your wine, but for the finest quality of white wine, care is taken to ensure that the tannin content would always be less than red wine.

They can come in a wide variety of different flavors and to give you an idea, we would name some for you. Citrus, pear, apple, lemon, honey, earthy and butter are few common flavors you would associate with white wine.

Chardonnay is the most common type of white wine and is generally known as sparkling wine or even still wine. It is so called because of the dazzling color of white in this wine. It has a somewhat buttery quality and is generally served along with fishes and even chicken. Yet another famous type of white wine has to be Muscat. To prepare this wine, a special family of grapes known as Muscat grapes is used. It has a sweet taste and the aroma is like grapefruit. A lot of people drink this wine alone without the need for any dishes or appetizers. Riesling is yet another favorite type of white wine. It is one of the oldest types of wine and it originated in Germany. They become nicer with age and have a rich special taste of apple.

While drinking wine and savoring its taste, the wine glasses play a crucial role. You should make it a point never to present white wine in glasses meant for red wine because they have entirely another style. Narrow glasses are preferred for white wine as the tapering mouth helps in getting better aroma and thus give a nice taste to your lips.


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